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Why has Zoom been in the news of late?

With most of us currently in lockdown we have had to turn to video chat to catch up with family members and friends alike. Whilst this is great for being able to see much-loved faces at a time of need, there have been some issues in the news around these video chat platforms, Zoom in particular.

But, why is this? What has made Zoom be such a focus?

What is Zoom?

You might not have heard of Zoom before the lockdown happened. Zoom is a video conferencing platform, it allows you to contact friends, family and of course colleagues and catch up with one another in video format. It can hold multiple attendees at once which makes it ideal for families and friends who want to see one another en masse.

Sounds great, however, things might not be as they should be.

Zoom and security

It seems that one of the biggest concerns that people have about Zoom is that the service isn’t doing everything that it can to protect the data of those who are currently utilising their service. Many of these people may be personal customers, looking to connect with their family, however, many others are also business users.

Regardless of the nature of the customer, data is vital and keeping it safe and private is something that every single business should be focusing on. Which means that it is alarming to think that a big name is not doing everything that they can to protect those who are relying on their service at these times.

One of the worst things is that this issue is not a new thing. Last year, Zoom took three months to fix a security flaw that had been identified within their setup. This flaw allowed hackers to potentially gain control over Apple macOS users.

A number of security researchers highlighted the issue to Zoom after taking part in a hackathon that was organised by Dropbox. Dropbox then advised Zoom that this was a problem, however, it took being told by yet another researcher of the same issue for Zoom to go about fixing things.

What about now?

Back to modern times, it seems that things are still not 100% when it comes to the security that Zoom offer those who are using their service. When you consider that the user base of Zoom has seen a huge growth over the last month, the possibility for a large-scale security breach looks like it is rather possible.

Zoom, when pushed for their explanation on some of the more currently identified security issues is that their service is meant for business users more than private users. They will have their own IT to rely on which means that they should be protected from their side.

That said, those behind the security in Zoom have said that they are working on ensuring that the all important data that is stored by Zoom is stored in the right way. We hope that this is the case and that we don’t see a repeat of some of the issues that happened last year.

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