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Chief Technology Officer? Chief Information Officer? Head of Compliance? We’re sure you’ve heard of all these roles and we’re equally sure that you’ll probably associate them with huge, billion pound organisations – but how do smaller organisations deal with security & compliance? The answer is using vCISO services.

If you’re concerned about cyber security but can’t justify employing a full time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or Information Security Manager, IP Four Digital offer vCISO services either on a retained basis or as and when you need.

As cyber security professionals we’re ideally suited to providing you with expert support. We’ll work with your organisation to achieve security and compliance requirements as well as offering impartial advice to be used in your organisation decision making and strategy creation.

vCISO services are often a great solution during the planning and implementation phase of achieving regulatory and compliance standards such as Cyber Essentials, GDPR, IASME Governance and ISO27001.

SMEs in particular are unlikely to need a full-time CISO and may try to recruit a specialist and find them other things to fill their time. Alternatively they may ask another employee to cross-train into information security when they are not experts – we’re accredited and licensed to undertake a wealth of security exercises.  By choosing IP Four Digital you gain expert level assistance immediately without the expense of recruitment or training. 

A typical vCISO role broadly covers:

  • Leadership for Information Security
  • Risk assessment
  • Management of security programmes
  • Security incident response planning and investigations
  • Policy review and implementation
  • Staff training on security awareness
  • Subject matter expert to provide advice to business on information security
  • Internal audit
  • Point of contact for third parties on security e.g. supplier due diligence checks
  • Point of contact for regulators and other interested parties

A cyber security attack can be costly to your business’s reputation and finances and can debilitate your IT system. As well-rounded cyber security experts, we will provide dedicated advice during our consultation to help you ensure that your enterprise is fully prepared for any malicious attacks or accidental breaches.

We will take an overview of your IT security infrastructure and the related technical and non-technical processes and management capabilities to identify your requirements, before presenting our recommendations for cost-effective improvement programmes targeted at tightening and transforming your digital defences.

If you’re considering vCISO services then please get in touch here. IP Four Digital offer a range and cyber and information security services.

IP Four Digital are an IT and digital support organisation based in Burnley, Lancashire.