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Covid-19 & Remote Support

How Covid 19 has changed the world of remote working and IT Support

It is safe to say that post Covid-19 our world is going to be a different place, social distancing is likely to become the norm and many of the things that we take for granted on a day to day, or week to week basis will not be available, or will be changed.

One key area that will definitely see a difference, perhaps even a long-term change, is how we work. With the introduction of remote working rules for businesses up and down the UK, employees (and employers for that matter) have seen just how remote working could be put in place for their business, as well as what is needed to ensure that remote working is a viable option for them to consider too.

So, with this in mind, we thought that we would like to explore this topic a little more and take a look at how the Covid-19 global pandemic is likely to change the way that we view remote working, forever.

Companies know that they can manage staff remotely

One of the considerations for many businesses when it came to remote working was how they can manage those staff members effectively when they are not in the office. Sure, it can be hard to know what a remote employee is doing for their entire working day, but allowing someone to work from home requires a certain level of trust.

Faced with no other choice, businesses have had to allow remote working and have had to adapt to managing these staff members. This is never easy, however, it is not impossible and it is definitely something that more and more companies are getting to grips with.

 It has highlighted the importance of having the Cloud

The Cloud is not a new thing, however, it seems that it hasn’t really taken off around the business world as much as was hoped. Having a virtual sharing and saving platform, in whatever form that takes, means that you will have a place to save all those important documents and have access to key systems. Wherever you are.

You don’t have to worry about having a system in place on-site and you will also have the added benefit of knowing that your important data and information is backed up on a regular basis and is also safe from hackers and those who may want to use the data for their own gain.

Something that is a huge consideration for businesses in the modern world.

It is showing that you can be productive at home

Another concern for employers is just how productive their employees will be from home, which is where The Cloud has proven useful. If a staff member can access the systems and information that they need to enable them to do their job from home, well, then they can still get their work done. In fact, without any distractions that the workplace brings as well as not having to worry about commuting or similar, staff can actually be more productive.

Morale is also improved, as staff are able to balance their working pattern with their own home life and childcare. Although, of course, the current situation is no reflection of how this will work as many people will have their children home with them at present and will be trying to juggle working with home schooling.

It has shown that remote assistance is the way to go

It has been the case for as long as many of us of a working age can remember, that every business, particularly larger companies, have their own IT support team (or perhaps just one person if they are not a bigger company). This department are in charge of all the IT systems, ensuring that they run and of course, being there if something does go wrong and support is needed.

With the introduction of remote working more and more, companies have realised that perhaps it is a good idea to see if IT support is something that could be done remotely too.

Sure, you are going to need to have someone in place in order to install systems and perhaps to set up the office. But, once this has been arranged, is that person needed on site? The answer is,  probably not.

This is where the idea of Remote IT Support comes in. As the name suggests, Remote IT support is a service that is offered to a company outside of their working premises. The managed IT company will be there to help as and when the company, or their staff need it, however, they will not be directly employed by the company themselves and would not work on their premises.

Not only is this a great way to save money, but it also means that staff members can contact and work with the remote IT support assistants as and when they need them and no matter where they are too. This is something that is vital if you are considering employing people to work remotely or allowing your current staff the flexibility of working from home as and when they need to.

Whilst there may be plenty of things that we need to think about and consider in a world with Covid-19, the truth is that some of the changes that it brings around may not be that negative in the long-run. Sure, business is going to see some huge ripples, but these might actually work out for the best and leave us with successful companies with remote works and an IT infrastructure that is high-performance and cost effective too.

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